Yosemite Vacation Ideas - My Yosemite Park

Park Itineraries

What are the must-see attractions? If I only have two days, what should I see and do in Yosemite? We give you ideas for this and more.

Kayaking and floating on the Merced River in Yosemite

48 Hours in Yosemite National Park

Only have 48 hours? Make the most of your time by walking among giant sequoias, hiking a downhill trail, picnicking lakeside and floating on a river.

National Park Junior Ranger Program

Become a Yosemite Junior Ranger

Fun for kids of all ages, the park's junior ranger program lets your entire family get a lot more out of their Yosemite vacation.

The Milky Way over Yosemite Valley

Where to Stargaze in Yosemite Country

The national parks in general and Yosemite in particular are known as some of the last great spaces without significant light pollution. That translates into an incredible opportunity to do some stargazing, get a glimpse of the Milky Way and maybe even look for a foreign galaxy or two.

Polly Dome (left) and Medlicott Dome (center) bordering Tenaya Lake in Yosemite.

Your Perfect Day in Yosemite

Only have 24 hours? Make the most of it with this tour of the park’s must-see sites on Tioga Road, a sequoia grove, Yosemite Falls, and Glacier Point.