Guided Tours

Narrated Driving Tour Apps by GyPSy Guide

Listen to an entertaining guide that automatically tells you stories about where you are while you drive.

Wish you had a guide while touring Yosemite National Park? Download the GyPSy Guide App.

“We recognized that travelers prefer to set their own pace and itinerary, but still enjoyed a fun, informative and educational guided experience” says Rick Bulich, Founder of GyPSy Guide. “That became our inspiration. How do we recreate that experience for people who want remain independent and self tour?”

The app automatically plays a guided commentary as you drive, based on your location. The narration includes behind-the-scenes stories, explaining the spectacular geology and fascinating characters associated with Yosemite’s past and present, along with local tips with directions. It tells you about sights and side trips coming up so you can decide whether you want to stop. Because the app uses your phone’s GPS signal, not cell towers, no cell network or WIFI is required while touring.

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