Experience the West Coast's surf culture in this vibrant beach town.

Some of the first things you might spot when you drive into the palm-tree lined Pismo Beach is a wave-shaped bike rack, a surf-board table along the sidewalk and signs that read, “Don’t be crabby! You’re in Pismo Beach” or “A gourmet meal without a glass of wine is tragic.”

It’s real California, and these sights capture this iconic beach town’s laid-back vibe, its sense of humor and its proximity to 27 wineries in the Edna Valley and Arroyo Grande Valley wine regions. Don't miss walking its iconic pier that was completely rebuilt and reopened in fall 2018.

With the vibrant downtown packed with tourist beach stores, locally owned restaurants and surf shops, park your car and start experiencing the California beach culture you’ve always seen in the movies. To get the real scoop on surfing, head to the Pismo Beach Surf Shop, home to the oldest surf shop on the Central Coast. If you're around in OCtober, check out the Pismo Beach Open World Surf League event where male and female competitors ride Pismo's waves. 

Two blocks from the beach, you’ll find Surfside Donuts, which serves an ever-changing menu of fresh, gourmet donuts, including maple bacon donuts and The Dirt Surf, a crumb donut.

The Splash Cafe in Pismo Beach

The Splash Cafe in Pismo Beach

Before surfing became vogue, Pismo Beach lay claim to the “clam capital of the world.” Even Bugs Bunny, the famous cartoon rabbit in Looney Tunes, knew of Pismo’s sea treasure. In 1957, Bugs Bunny said, “Well, here we are! Pismo Beach and all the clams we can eat.” But the clams, once so abundant, were over-harvested. Today, head to the Pismo Beach Clam Festival in October where 15,000 people usually gather for the three-day event. It features live music, food trucks, a local clam chowder contest, clam bake and wine walk. For some excellent clam chowder during the rest of the year, stop by the Splash Cafe.

If you’re looking for beachside RV camping without the wind, head to Pismo Coast Village RV Resort. Located on 26 acres with a heated pool and walking distance to town, even some locals camp there. Or stay at the newest hotel in town, Inn at the Pier.

Flutter Around with Butterflies in Winter

Pismo Beach Monarch Butterflies

Monarchs flock to Pismo Beach seeking shelter from cold northern winters

Along with travelers, thousands of monarch butterflies descend on Pismo Beach for part of the year. Between late October through February, stop by the Pismo Beach Monarch Butterfly Grove, a half mile south of town just off Hwy. 1.

On average, 25,000 monarch butterflies winter in Pismo Beach. It’s one of the largest monarch butterfly colonies in North America. No one knows for sure why these butterflies return year after year to the same place, especially since no butterfly lives long enough to make the trip twice. Some scientists suspect the butterflies have a genetic homing device that leads them to ancestral wintering sites. Interestingly, the lifespan of the monarchs that spend time in Pismo Beach is six months, as opposed to the common monarch that lives about six weeks.

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