Sierra DinnerTrain in Oakdale, CA

A unique venue for dining and family excursions, the Sierra DinnerTrain hosts year-round experiences for train-lovers of all ages.
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The Sierra DinnerTrain in Oakdale, California

High Noon Express

Named after the Academy Award-winning movie filmed along the railroad, High Noon Express is the Sierra DinnerTrain's newest signature ride.

Hop on in Oakdale where the ride begins. The 2.5-hour train ride brings you on a historic railroad tour, the nation’s third oldest, so you’ll learn about some of the 300 movies and TV commercials filmed on the train or along the tracks.

“It’s a little like time traveling to a bygone era,” says MaryJayne Zemer, former marketing coordinator for the Sierra Railroad. “We just restored the train to its previous glory, so when you step on the train, you feel like you are on an old-school train.”

Passengers of the Sierra DinnerTrain watch the scenery go by. Courtesy photo

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330 S Sierra Ave, Oakdale, CA 95361