Rafting, Boating, and Water Activities at Yosemite

First formed by the actions of mighty glaciers, Yosemite’s astonishing scenery is also the result of many millennia of the weathering actions of wind and water.

Today, rivers and lakes are some of the park’s biggest attractions, especially for swimmers and paddlers of canoes and kayaks. For thrilling white-water action, venture outside the park boundaries, especially along the mighty Merced River.

Wherever you go play in the water, remember to drink plenty of water and slap on the sunscreen. Wearing a T-shirt, shorts, and river sandals with good traction should also help make your experience an enjoyable one. Consider leaving your digital camera behind in your car or hotel room and buy a waterproof disposable camera instead.

Swimming and Paddling on the east end of Tenaya Lake. Photo by Grant Ordelheide

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Rafting on the Merced River. Photo by Grant Ordelheide

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Rafting the Tuolumne River on the western edge of Yosemite National Park. Photo by James Kaiser courtesy of O.A.R.S.

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Polly Dome (left) and Medlicott Dome (center) bordering Tenaya Lake in Yosemite.

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Rafting the Merced River with OARS. Courtesy photo

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