Gear Guide

Prepare yourself for a day in the outdoors by wearing the proper shoes and apparel, and bringing just the right gear to enjoy Yosemite National Park.


Yosemite Climbing Pioneers Create Clothing Line Royal Robbins

Liz and Royal Robbins followed a trail in Yosemite National Park which led to the creation of an exceptional outdoor & travel clothing line. Read More...

Yosemite Wildflowers

Smells Like Yosemite?

Arm & Hammer and the National Park Foundation have teamed up to make laundry detergents “inspired by nature.” Read More...


What to Wear: Ultra-Light Backpacking

Can you live for a week in a single set of hiking clothes? Of course, and learning to ignore the grunge and odor will help your shoulders (less weight = less pain), your legs (less weight = more miles), your feet (less weight = fewer aches), and your efficiency (less stuff = less futzing with gear = more trail time). Read More...


What to Bring: Ultra-Light Backpacking

The climate in the Sierra in summer is very conducive to high-mileage adventures with minimal gear. Read More...


What to Wear: Backpacking

Your clothing selections for multiday trips in Yosemite are all about versatility and packing light. Read More...


What to Bring: Backpacking

The crowds in Yosemite Valley can be dense, and the best way to experience the grandeur of the High Sierra is to spend a night (or several) in the park’s sprawling backcountry. Read More...


What to Wear: Day Hiking

Of America’s national parks, Yosemite surely has the best weather. From spring through fall, daytime temperatures hover in a very comfortable range between 60F and 85F, which an occasional midsummer burst near triple digits. Read More...


What to Bring: Day Hiking

Yosemite is one of the most pleasant places to dayhike in the world, thanks to a moderate climate and gentle surfaces. You can easily cover many miles on the park’s trails, which tend to be soft forest floor or a mix of packed dirt and smooth granite. Read More...

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